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Iris Desiree Claessens is a Dutch jewellery designer based in Maastricht, in the South of the Netherlands. She graduated in 2017 from the Maastricht Academy Fine Arts and Design and founded her jewellery label in 2018. She grew up in a house with a large garden in a village outside of the city. Through her upbringing and an inherent interest she learned to love the wonders of nature. She now translates this appreciation for nature into jewellery pieces. The style of the jewellery is a combination of centuries old goldsmithing techniques with a modern minimalist design.

By using a poetic and narrating approach she creates delicate work that makes you think about our natural world and the frailty of life. Iris lost her mother when she was 22 years old. Her work is about life and the passing of time. She creates an awareness of our mortality through use of natural elements. Iris uses jewellery as kind of emotional statement. Her feelings become her jewellery.

To gather campaign imagery for her latest collections she went with her partner to Scandinavia. During this trip they captured their moments together. The moments are real, they captured a fragment of their life. This honesty and focus on real life is characteristic in her campaigns. Warm Scandinavian summer days and dark blue nights formed the perfect decor for these extremely personal images. This personal approach is also important in the jewellery itself. Her latest two collection are named: Mother of pearl and Solstice.


Photography by Laura Knipsael

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