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The SOLSTICE collection is about the sun, midsummer nights, light, living in the moment and joy. It’s a lively and colourful collection featuring vibrant gemstones that will playfully reflect the sunlight. The jewellery is about celebrating the best days of summer. The colours of the jewellery are inspired by the spectrum of light a sunset paints onto the horizon. The collection is made of 14 and 18K yellow gold with various gemstones in various colours.


20.07.2019     Saltøvej

Matricaria chamomilla

20.07.2019     Saltøvej

Matricaria chamomilla

21.07.2019     Ålebæk strandvej

‘Morning light’

27.07.2019     Urshult

‘White lilies’

29.07.2019     Enderupvej


29.07.2019     Åsnen

‘True blue’